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Training Sessions

  • Advanced Meeting Management: This one-day class covers skills, tools, and techniques to design and manage complex meetings, meeting series, and meetings involving large groups; participants meet with a "client" to discuss challenges and designed strategies and processes for a successful meeting.

  • Advanced Meeting Management - Conflict Assessment: In this one-day class, trainees work with actors and assess a mock conflict and determine the issues, emotions, necessary parties, and the likelihood and best means of resolution.

  • Challenging Conversations (How to Share Your Concerns so People will Hear You): In this half-day class, trainees learn a four-step process to aid in discussing difficult issues in a way that maximizes the possibility of dispute prevention.

  • Communication Skills of Highly Effective People (A Mediator's Point of View): This half-day class focuses on defining and analyzing the effective skills that good communicators use, practicing ways to communicate better and to avoid unnecessary and negative conflict when someone else isn't communicating in an effective way, and examining the power of a good apology (and the downside of a bad apology).

  • Powerful Listening (How to Listen so People will Share their Concerns with You): This half-day class introduces basic dispute resolution skills, focusing on verbal and non-verbal components of messages, listening skills, understanding positions and interests, and effective questions.

  • Negotiation Skills: This class helps trainees develop the skills needed to negotiate agreements successfully; trainees participate in simulated negotiations and learned to present and respond to offers and counteroffers and use consultative negotiating tactics and techniques. Sessions may last two hours, a half-day, or a full day.

  • Mediation Skills: This interactive class presents an overview of mediation and skills mediators use. The length ranges from four hours to five days.

  • Overview of Meeting Management Basics: This half-day class examines the basic foundation necessary to conduct an effective meeting. Trainees learn about meeting facilitation and when to use it, the importance of agendas and how to create one, meeting logistics, and the difference between meeting process and meeting content.

  • Run a Great Meeting! (Facilitation Training): This class provides tools to use in meetings to make them as effective as possible, emphasizing the importance of setting agendas, facilitation basics, and remaining focused. One of the sessions will focus on facilitating meetings that take place virtually, using Zoom or other similar technology, which is especially useful since COVID began. This session is useful for those who plan, run, and attend meetings. Sessions may be one day or two days or take place on half-days.

  • Say It with Tact So People Will Act (Tips from A Mediator): This multi-part series focuses on linguistic tools that can be used to express a message in a diplomatic way. Each session is two hours long and highly interactive. Part One focuses on composing messages that are particular to the situation in which the speaker is placed (avoiding a cookie cutter approach). Part Two focuses on "being under the radar," a useful tool for mediators, facilitators, and others in certain situations.

  • Tools Mediators Use to Address Annoying Behavior (and you can use them too!): Do you work with people who are passive aggressive? Aggressive? Talk too much? Don't listen? In this half-day class, trainees learn about communication, different styles of conflict resolution, and direct communication.

  • Vicarious Trauma and Resiliency: This highly interactive 2 1/2 hour session is designed for those who work with people who witnessed or experienced trauma. Participants review the symptoms of vicarious trauma, also known as compassion fatigue, discuss successful coping techniques, and design an action plan for resiliency.

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